The Environment Group and its constituent partners aim to encourage sustainable development within and beyond the Canterbury district by raising awareness of environmental issues and by taking practical action to protect and enhance the natural and built environment.  

Previously named the Canterbury Partnership Environment Group we renamed the group to Canterbury4Environment (C4E) to fit in with the other Canterbury Partnership groups:  Canterbury4Business (C4B) and Canterbury4Culture (C4C)

The group seeks to achieve this by:

  • Influencing the decisions of the Canterbury Partnership Executive Board to give greater consideration of and importance to environmental issues.
  • Monitoring progress and delivering actions in the Canterbury Partnership’s strategy.
  • Developing innovative ways of working with the other Canterbury Partnership subgroups to address environmental problems.
  • Sharing knowledge and expertise within the Environment Group.
  • Promoting environmental projects and achievements within the Canterbury district.
  • Maximising the use of electronic media (especially the Internet and email) to share information and expertise, and to promote successes.

Here are some of the things we have worked on:

The Environment Group is chaired by 
Sue Davis.  

Anna Palmer is the theme leader for the group on behalf of the Canterbury City Council.

Membership includes :  
Canterbury City Council,  SPOKES, Parish Councils,  Natural England, CPRE,  PACE,  Schools, Universities along with small businesses and other charities.  The group welcomes new members with an interest in the environmental issues in the Canterbury District.

email Sue on sue@greeninformation.co.uk or phone 01227 700009 for more information.