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Steve Allen Creative Works

Steve Allen is a remarkable man with many talents. He came to us wanting a new business identity to convey 'the right theme' for his wide range of work. After many ideas, we settled upon using the name Steve Allen Creative Works. (Previously Steve Allen Studios).

Steve worked for Pedigree Toys and later, Jim Henson's Creature Workshop (The Muppets, Fraggle Rock and related spin-offs), Steve has been responsible for the design and functionality of characters, mechanisms, visual effects, film props, popular toys and loads more. He has worked on films (Labyrinth) and on TV pilots devising puppets and character origination for each, as well as worldwide product merchandising.

With 30+ years experience and as a freelance 'gun for hire,' Steve wanted a refreshed brand identity with which to attract new work from potential Media, TV, Film and Theatre clients, as well as the Magic Circle. He has devised several award winning illusions and ingenious stage props for two very respected celebrity Magicians.