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Goody Ales logo

The Goody Ales logo and brand concept needed to be carried across all marketing material – brewery signage, pump badges, letterheaded paper, business cards, beer mats bottles and more. For an in-depth view of the Goody Ales brand and logo work please view the Goody Ales case study here.

We created a wide range of initial brand concepts and logo ideas to select from. We wanted to integrate a cherub or angelic character element into part of the logo, but while refining ideas we used a simple halo and serpentine tail motif to play on the Goody Ales name. The halo helps suggest a tilted beer glass with it's gold rim. We created the Goody Ales tagline too: 'Pure Kentish Beer.'

The next page of our portfolio shows a few pump badge identities we produced for a selection of Goody Ales' launch beers.