We won't pretend that people have actually asked us these questions about trust and de-risking but we do know that people have been caught out by some of these things and want to assure you that your trust is highly valued and protected.

Q.  I have heard that some agencies buy domain names and host the web sites that they build and then charge lots of money to move them to someone else.  How do I know this won't happen with you?

A.  When we build a new website we will offer to arrange to buy any domain names and will offer to securely host the site in order to save you the time and hassle of having to do it yourself.  If you tell us you want to do it or you already have hosting or the domain names we can provide the website on a CD or via large file transfer for you to do it yourself or if you wish we will upload the site to your alternative host on your behalf.

If you do ask us to host the site or buy the domain names and you want to move elsewhere we will arrange the transfer with a smile.  We don't want a website hostage we want you to stay with us because you like us! 

You don't have to take our word on this.  We have signed up for the Trading Standards Buy with Confidence scheme so if there is anything we say we do and then we didn't you could go to Trading Standards and they would come and sort us out.  Needless to say this has never happened.

Q. Last time I purchased a website I was given a great price but then there were loads of "additional costs" that I had to pay to get it working how I wanted it.  How do I know what I will pay for one of your websites?

A.  We have heard this happens quite often.  It is usually for a template site and if you don't want the template the way it comes the costs get added to change it. 

When we get asked to quote for a website we gather as much information as possible and give you a breakdown of each element of the costs so you know exactly what you are paying for each bit.  This brief can be changed at any point before we start. 

If you want to change the brief after it has been agreed and work has started we will tell you how much that change will cost before we start any additional work.

Our sites are modular so you can create a basic site and then add bells and whistles, as your business needs them.   We only create bespoke sites so you can have it exactly how you want it from the beginning.

Q. We have some ideas for a new online product or service and need to discuss it with someone or get a price.  How do we know you won't go and give the ideas to one of your other clients?

A. We have already come across this concern and we put a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) in place so that anything discussed with a client that was not already in the public domain could not be discussed with anyone else.  

Q.  How long does it take to create a logo? 
A.  It depends.  Some companies produce use software to produce logos automatically so they would only take a few minutes (if that).  Those are the ones that are offered free or as part of a package usually.  Some agencies outsource the work to other countries who produce the logos. 

When Leon, our Creative Director, creates a logo he finds out as much as possible about your business, your products, your target market, your geographical location, if relevant and what impression you want to give your clients. 

Leon then thinks about it for a few days, sometimes he sketches on paper; sometimes he goes straight to the computer and starts creating.  He looks for the right font and if it doesn't exist he creates one, he looks for the right images and various colour ways.   After creating 20-30 versions we select the best few and send them over for you to take a look. 

You then review them choose which you like the best (sometime bits of several different ones) and maybe come back with some changes: change of colour, image, request for the font to be more square, rounded, modern, classic etc. 

Leon incorporates the changes and sends back a couple of new versions.  There are occasionally a few more tweaks after this and then you have a wonderful new logo to put on your business card, stationery, website, livery etc.  (we can do all that for you too if you wish).

This process can take between a week and a couple of months (depends on how long the reviews take to come back).  Bespoke logos usually cost between £250-£450.

Q.  Do I have to meet you to ask you to create something for me?
A.  No.  We have some clients we have never met and they are very happy with our work.  We have some clients we have met once and still work for years later. 

If you want to see the whites of our eyes and don't live in the South East (Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London) we can arrange a chat by Skype or Facetime if you have an iPad.

Q.  It sounds like you only have one designer?
A.  Yes, we don't pass your design work over to anyone else.  We believe you deserve to have someone with over a decade of experience, who has a degree in Graphic Design and illustration and has worked for household names. 

We do have a team of expert programmers, a cartoonist, photographers and copywriters we can call on so while they are working their magic Leon can start work on the next design.

It does sometimes mean that you have to wait a little before he can start on your design.  This is the case with all professionals at the top of their game. 

With this in mind we encourage you to start talking to us as soon as possible so that we can schedule your work in to meet your deadlines.