about green information


Green Information as a concept (and any sourced, original and contributed content) is sponsored, developed and maintained by Design Advantage who are a Graphic and Web Design business for environmentally aware businesses and charities. Design Advantage are based near Canterbury in Kent and have clients based in the London and the South.

After wading through a mire of information to find out about some eco windows - we wanted to create a one-stop shop and research facility for 'everything green.' No small task - so please feel free to help us out by submitting articles and reviews (see contact for details). Our keen interest in environmental issues and ethical practices needs to be vented!

We are aware there are lots of 'green' resource websites out there, but they mainly fall in two camps... they are either 'specialist' in their field, or they are simply a 'list of links'.  We are aiming for something in between, and will include links to those other sites if you need more information.

We hope you will find Green Information a useful resource (when we have populated it some more!).


Contributing authors

We have had a number of contributing authors so far (many thanks to them).  Most recently we were delighted to work with a great bunch of young ladies from the Simon Langton Grammer Girls School in Canterbury who spent a week researching and writing articles for the site on work experience.  They chose subjects that interested them and as you can see from the articles their interests are wide and varied.

So many thanks to: Theresa Bates, Jenna Brown, Elena Isolini, Annie Lee, April Lyons, Sam McKinven, Emily Mitchell, Iszi Taylor, Emily Thomas, Annabelle Topliss and Anna Young and we wish them all well in their future studies and chosen careers.

work experience girlsSome of the Langton authors 2009.