brand image


Imagine the Sex Pistols without Jamie Reid's posters or album cover artwork, The Rolling Stones without their iconic 'tongue' emblem, or the Harry Potter logo...

Conversely, look at the 2012 Olympic logo. Not to cast judgement here, but some identities work, some just don't.

People make a decision on what they see within 5 seconds and if they don't like what they see - they move on to the next shiny object. Trying to grab people's attention without a strong, appropriate identity is very difficult.

Design Advantage can make this a lot easier for you. In addition to being fully qualified, formally trained and with over 16 years real world experience, our creative director and his expert team can provide you with an amazing brand and identity of which you can be happy and proud of. An image and an identity that will cost a lot less than you would imagine.