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Brand Management - Consistency

An important part of your brand management is to make sure your branding is consistent.  The same brand identity should be used on all of your customer facing colateral as well as any branded clothing. 

Branding is more than just an attractive graphic it includes the way you treat your customers and co-workers too.  Branding encompasses your business values, personality and ethics.  The image you portray throughout the business needs to be aligned.

Example of inconsistent branding

Suppose you asked us for a brand identity that conveyed 'calm' (amongst other things).  When a client phoned your business they got someone sounding very stressed and distracted answering the phone.  This would not be consistent branding.

Keeping track of your brand identity

After a few years you might want to change your logo to keep it fresh and relevant to your target market.  The problem is that you may have put your names on lots of directories and on social media over the years and you will have uploaded your current logo at the time.  This means you then have to find them again to change the logo over to the new one!

Top tip

Keep a note of the directories you join so you can keep them updated.

get in touch if you want to discuss your 'business building brand'


If you let us know about a directory or social media site where our old logo is still present we will put you in a draw to win a free website review worth £89.   This should be quite easy at present as we have only recently changed the logo and haven't had time to go in and change it over yet.

Details of the prize

We will take a good look over your current website and give you advice on how you can make it better for search engine optimisation and to convert customer traffic to sales.  This is open to everyone, we have not found many sites that couldn't stand some improvement (including our own which is awaiting lots of work!)