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Goody Ales branding and logo - the genesis.

Karen and Peter Goody set up their own brewery in Herne Common in early 2012.
Design Advantage were asked (after a referral) to design and produce the Goody Ales logo and branding concept for them.

The Goody Ales logo had to depict hand-crafted class, a sense of place and perceived 'establishment' in the beer and beverages marketplace - a very competitive market area. We designed and formulated a strong brand identity for Goody Ales that looks immediately recognisable, intriguing and desirable.

After we had designed the Goody Ales logo, the visual identity and 'brand concept' of Goody Ales' evolving range of beers had to be developed rapidly, so they could get their 'product' out there in the realm. We were asked to produce an 
accompanying range of beer paraphenalia - including beer pump badges, highly visual branded bottle labels, signage and beer mats. All were produced to high standard, with a VERY, very tight budget!

Pictured left and below is an example of the first beermat in a series of 10. This uses the 'Ten Commandments according to Goody Ales' as the concept!

With the 'Goody's' having such a great surname, this branding task was going to be fun!

We brainstormed names for hypothetical beers. We played with the idea of 'good versus bad', 'light versus dark', 'sober versus drunk', 'above and below', 'Heaven and Hell, etc.

The concept of 'opposites' and 'polarity' shone out as the route for the brand concept to follow, with much innuendo, religious-inspired and themed connotation...

We produced numerous initial concepts for their logo, incorporating stylised angel wings, serpent and dragon tails, pure imagery and cherubic forms.

From this, we developed, refined and ultimately simplified the Goody Ales logo to include their immediately recognisable halo and tail motif. A classic!

Among a list of many others, we created the tagline 'Pure Kentish Beer', which provided perfect balance to the naughtiness of the bold red whiplashing tail.

We have enabled plenty of scope to add specific theme-related graphic imagery to their ever-increasing range of beers. For good, for better - or worse!

Goody Ales: Pump badges and bottle labels

Once the Goody Ales logo was designed and approved, we moved on to create three beer pump badge designs for their three initial launch beers... 'Genesis', 'Good Health' and 'Good Heavens'.

Naturally, there was a rich, fertile theme of 'Good' name-play with the range of products.
We were keen to keep a consistent thread going through the product range, so we kept the similar font styles to that of their logo, but used colour and subtle visual imagery to reflect the 'feel and vibe' of each beer. Each one has its own mood.

We suggested too, that the serpentine tail on the logo should turn increasingly more red the stronger the ABV of each beer was!  Subtle, but

Goody Ales: Brand appeal in Kent and London

While Design Advantage were originating the Goody Ales brand, it was done in such a way their name and product would sit comfortably and confidently alongside more established names like Fuller's, Young's and Shepherd Neame.  No easy challenge but one that has succeeded in their brand becoming instantly recognisable throughout the South East region.

We were aware that the Goody Ales brand needed to appeal to Kent locals as well as people in the affluent South West London area. The Goody's came from Richmond and Twickenham, so they already had a few contacts within the pub trade to help supply their beer around that area.

After creating the look for Good Heavens, we were then asked to create a beer pump badge design for a Green Hop beer (in time for a Green Hop Festival) called 'Good Harvest'.

The next beer pump badge concepts were for Good Sheppard and Good Lord.  The 'Sheppard' idea came from Karens' Mother's maiden name. She wanted to dedicate a beer to her.

In perfect time for Christmas 2012, it seemed appropriate that Good King Wenceslas was to be the festive Goody Ales treat for November-December. By now, we had spent a bit of time fine-tuning the main Goody Ales logo to make it look more professional and refined - after the rather hurried launch.

In January 2013 Goody Ales were having some of their beers bottled-up and they were soon available in stores around East Kent. Here's a selection of beer bottle labels we have designed for their bottled range of products. The strapline subtlely changes to 'Bringing the taste of heaven home.' (Some labels differ in size according to the bottle volume).

The first three shown are some of the 'seasonal' beers offered by Goody Ales.
The subsequent labels are some of their regular 'launch' brews.

In 2014 Goody Ales received a Taste Of Kent award for their beer and branding - of which we at Design Advantage were very pleased to hear about - having helped place them well onto the path of success and acclaim.

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