Colours can vary a lot, from how they look on-screen, to how they look on the printed page.

We will always check a job thoroughly before it goes to print, to ensure the colours are exactly right.  If you are arranging your own printing you can ask us to check a printed proof if you wish.

Blues, reds and purples are some of the most difficult colours to get accurate in printed form. We recommend you ask for a printed proof before 'going to print,' even if it costs you extra.

When commissioning a print job, bear in mind that the colour of your paper stock will determine the vibrancy of any printed colour. For example, if you choose a brilliant white stock, the colours will be brighter and more accurate than if you printed on cream or ivory coloured stock. 

Uncoated paper that has not had a final coating applied for smoothness is absorbent, the printed appearance is flatter than on coated stocks.


If you know what your company colours already are, then please supply us with one or all of the following colour codes; RGB, CMYK and/or a PANTONE reference.

If you haven't already chosen your colours we would be happy to discuss your options and design your logo and other branding. If you have company colours and don't know the reference codes, we can help determine them for you by seeing a printed version of your logo, or by seeing it on screen.

Call 01227 700009 to discuss your print job.