content management


Many of businesses opt to have a full content managed system for their website. This enables them to update and edit pages of text and images, and also to customise their own site navigation if desired. 

A Content Managed System (CMS) sometimes known as a Content Managed Service enables you to change content, text and images, without having to call on the website designer to do so. Additionally, adding fresh content regularly to your website helps make your website more attractive to search engines.

Adding fresh content regularly needs an easy to use CMS

When you are looking for a new website it is tempting to focus on the external look and feel and not ask many questions about the 'back end'.  This could be a mistake as most business owners are very busy and do not have time to learn new software.

Easy to use CMS

Here is a screen shot from our typical CMS back end and as you can see most of the icons relate to Microsoft Word functionality so if you can use Word you can use this CMS to update your website. 

There are many more functions you can add in but most customers just want to see a basic layout such as this as it meets all their needs.  The hover function details each icon and we create videos for our premium customers to show them how to do use the functionality they need which can also be used to train other staff members.

Open Souce CMS has it's place but...

Whilst Open Source Content Management Systems, such as WordPress, have the benefit of being easy to build, many established businesses have found that they are often not flexible enough for their needs and they require a more bespoke approach. 

Some systems, such as Joomla,  are more difficult to update and most Open Source CMS have to be regularly patched by the user to try and protect against the many people trying to hack such sites.

Design Advantage can offer a WordPress CMS site for start up businesses on a tight budget from around £600.

For established businesess, however, we recommend our own CMS (from £1400 including bespoke professional design).  It is not open source (fewer hacking attacks) and is bespoke to each customer so you can make sure it meets all your customers' needs and doesn't look like everyone else's website.

Our CMS is programmed in such a way that any competant programmer would be able to take the site over in the future should it be necessary (we don't hold customers hostage).

Testimonial for Design Advantage CMS

Design Advantage produced the Content Managed System website solution for Whitefriars shopping centre in Canterbury, Kent. 

Martyn Barr from Impact PR and Marketing who ran the project said:

"Design Advantage helped develop a new website for the Whitefriars shopping centre combining HTML, Flash and CMS elements. This was a challenging task which they handled with patience and aplomb. We are very pleased with the finished result."

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