creative process


When you choose to collaborate with Design Advantage to create and develop your brand, we will try to get inside your head from the very start (don't worry this is not painful!).  

You tell us about your business

You tell us what you want to sell more of, who you want to attract, how you want them to feel and what you want them to do (and a lot more questions)*.  You can either write this down by email answering the questions or we can record it ourselves if we are meeting face to face. 

This process helps to get Leon's creative juices flowing, and more importantly, leads our creative process down the correct path in order to provide you with the best possible design solution.

What if I already have a logo concept

If you already have a logo design in mind that you want to expand upon, or already know how you want your business to appear to the outside world, then just tell us your ideas and we'll work it into our design process, and we will hopefully exceed your expectations with the outcome.

You work with us until you are happy with your logo

When we devise some initial layouts for your company brand and logo, we usually submit a few variations on a theme for you to look at, so that you can select one idea (or more usually elements from a number of ideas), then we can work up the selected idea/s in high resolution (300 dpi) so it can be applied readily to your printed requirements... stationery, business cards, letterheaded paper, that sort of thing.

In our opinion, originating an eyecatching brand and logo is one of the most important aspects of setting up any business. It is the foundation from which your image and reputation is born.


Blean Heritage and Community Group logo
"Responding quickly to our ideas, they created an identity we are absolutely delighted with. It looks great on our shirts and sweatshirts, starts conversations and is easily understood. They have given us an identity of which we are very proud.

We recommend Design Advantage to anyone!"

Beatrice Shire:
Blean Heritage & Community Group    



Get in touch to start discussing your new business image

If we can help with any questions regarding branding and  logo design, please
contact us.

We would love to help you if your business is looking to re-brand, so please call us on 01227 700009 to discuss this, and we could arrange an appointment.

To see the quality and attention to detail that your logo could have please take a look through our logo portfolio

*Most of our logos as described above cost between £250-£500. 

If you have a higher budget (£2000+) you could choose to work with our Marketing Strategist to establish your marketing focus areas, look at your market forces, a more in depth investigation of your target personas (and more).
  This would give us more detailed information to help you attract your ideal clients and get paid what you are worth.