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By Sue Davis

You have probably been to lots of exhibitions. 

As a delegate it sometimes looks like you have to run the gauntlet of people (like vultures) waiting to pounce on you trying to sell you something as you go down each row.  They are all lovely and friendly which makes it worse when you are looking to solve your own particular business problems and don't have time to chat about products that don't solve those problems.

When you do go looking for your solution all you can see is a row of exhibition banners (also known as penguins, pull-up stands, pop-up stands and many other names).  Whatever you call them they do vary greatly in how useful they are. 

Some exhibition banners are very boring to look at

Some are so vague or lacking information that you don't even know what is being sold, some just talk about their company and how great they are and some have so many bullet points that you have to wait for the stand holder to get engaged in another conversation with someone else before you can sidle over to work you way through all the bullets to see if they can solve your problem (just in case you don't want to talk to them after all!). 

And then some are good. 

The good banners will draw your eye (and to use a very overused cliche "stand out from the crowd").  The good banners will address your problem and possibly nothing else.  The good banners will make you cross the room from where you are to find out more information.  The good banners will take you, the ideal client with a specific problem to solve, right over to talk to the person who may be able to solve if for you.

Now, how would you like your exhibition banner to bring your ideal clients to you, already partly qualified and not just passersby looking for more cakes or giveaways?

Here is the selling bit!

Design Advantage can design, print and procure everything you need for exhibiting at an event.

With shows like Kent 2020, the Business Start Up Show at Olympia and many others, it pays to have some snappy promotional display graphics and interesting promotional products to grab new attention from potential customers.

Our graphic designers have many years experience producing large-format design and print for exhibitions and shows. We can also design and produce peripheral material such as business cards, postcards, mailers, flyers, leaflets and brochures for your promotional purposes.

Have you considered having some of your promotional give-away items branded with your identity? This could include mugs, umbrellas, tee-shirts, USB sticks, anything in fact that can be printed on.

Contact us
with any questions, and we will happily give you some ideas and bespoke costs (see below for our exhibition package too).

Here is a full range of exhibition display systems and peripherals that we offer:

• Pop-up systems
• Roll-up banners
• Counter units
• Light boxes
• Vehicle liveries
• Signage (interior and exterior)
• Brochure stands

We are able to create the following media too:

• Banners
• Canvas art (Giclee)
• Acrylic art
• Stickers
• Posters

We offer a choice of matt or gloss lamination for exhibition printed graphics, UV resistant inks, environmental options and much more.

Here is an exhibitors package we have put together but of course you can order anything you want. Please contact us for a quote.

If you want to take advantage of this show offer for Kent 2020 or any other exhibition please get in touch