eco policy


Design Advantage are very passionate about our impact on the environment and the ethical treatment of other people.

Here are some of the business oriented environmental issues we have already considered:

For our customers

For customers requiring printed work, we offer paper made from post consumer waste and/or paper sourced from sustainably managed forests (FSC certified). We can source commercial printing with vegetable based inks if required.

We can offer a range of eco promotional gifts and environmentally friendly exhibition stands.

We try to keep business communication and documents in electronic format, to
cut down on paper use (eg: your brief and bill will be via email).

We even try to avoid paper cheques and we usually pay and receive money via online banking.

In the office

We buy our 100% renewable electricity from Good Energy.

We have installed a solar PV system to generate our own energy (and put some back into the grid).  Our computers are always charged during the day and switched off at night. 

We use a wood burning stove for heat and use a solar thermal panel to heat the water.

We use BT Internet (BT signed the worlds biggest renewable energy deal).

Design Advantage use MacBook Pro computers, low energy light bulbs and recycled paper toilet rolls. We drink fair trade coffee and eat fair trade bananas to keep us going. Sue is a vegetarian. Leon is a lapsed vegetarian, but only eats line caught fish and organic 'happy' meat wherever possible.

When we need to drive to meetings and attend business events we use a Toyota Prius.

We are strong believers in existing and emerging communications technology, and the assistance it provides for everyday contact. If you have a Skype or FaceTime account, we are quite happy to video-talk or instant message you as an alternative to email and telephone calls.


In addition to our environmentally conscious practices we also try to look after our suppliers, we pay them on time and support them, when requested, with testimonials and sometimes with advice.

We would not do business with a company we know to be ethically irresponsible
(eg: those that exploit humans or animals, or those involved in arms trading, the oil industry, etc).

Eco website and environment groups

Outside of the business we run a not-for-profit website called Green which offers information towards a sustainable way of life.

Sue is the Chair of the Canterbury Partnership Environment Group working on the enviornmental strategy for the Canterbury District for the next 20 years.  Some of the current projects include working on gathering data for a State of the Environment Report and a 'Green Tour' which will offer information on eco friendly things to do in the area.

Sue also chairs a Mastermind group of medium sized eco-conscious businesses in Kent.

We have joined 10:10 and are corporate signatories to the Corporate Climate Communiqué‬s.