eco-promotional items


By Sue Davis

You've booked your stand at an exhibition such as Kent 2020 and now you are thinking about what to put on it.  Obviously you will need sales material such as leaflets and business cards but what about promotional products?  

It takes some thought as to what to spend your money on and deciding whether you are actually going to get more business from having them or just attract those people who wizz down each aisle at the exhibition looking for freebies.

Some give-away items (such as torches) are always popular with delegates but they will only be promoting your product if they work, although they do have the benefit of bringing people to your stand so you have a chance to talk to them. 

Some promotional products, like pens, are so ubiquitous that every other stand has them - however they are useful and are likely to be kept for longer, you just need to think about how often you read the message on all the pens you currently have and how you can make your pen more attractive (we can help with that).

Another ubiquitous promotional item is the Post it note.  These are worth considering as they have your brand on each page and they may be sent to someone else, however don't cover too much of the usable writing space or they may be written over.

Notebooks are also a giveaway that is popular and if you have a great design on the front your book is more likely to be used than others your prospect may have.  You also have the inside cover to put more details about your message without spoiling the overall design.

Seeds are good for an immediate pick up and obviously fit with a growth message but they will either be left somewhere with the intention to plant or actually be planted, in which case the packaging (and your branding) is gone. 

Mugs would work if they are beautifully designed and worthy of desk space and not just showcasing your logo.  Umbrellas also fit this category, if you design it well your prospect will not only be happy to use it but you will also be advertising your business to everyone they walk past.

Ice scrapers are useful and likely to be kept, albeit in the car.   USB drives were very popular but now only really work if they have a decent amount of memory (2GB plus). 

Canvas bags have a large amount of space for your message but the people most likely to see it are fellow supermarket shoppers (which may or may not be your target market) and also people now have so many they are not so interested in them.  Shopping bags as a promotional item would now only work if they have a fabulous design on them so people chose them over the many other more boring bags.

If you attend exhibitions such as Kent 2020 or similar events, we can help you decide what sort of promotion items you could apply a logo and branding message to, (without being too gimmicky of course), and see those ideas transformed into intrinsically interesting promotional items which could help you to be remembered and distinguished among the hordes of other exhibiting businesses.

As a eco-conscious business we aim to source eco-friendly promotional products for our clients.  Any of the items mentioned above can be both attractive to your prospects and eco-friendly however if you want to source your own product and just need a great design we can do that too.

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