lighten the mood


If you found a cartoon that made you laugh or was particularly apt to your life or work situation you would naturally want to share it with your friends. If each of your friends send it to their friends, and their friends send it to their friends and so on, it would eventually spread to a very large number of people. 

Now suppose that same cartoon had a subtle mention of your brand within the cartoon and/or you had a small line of copy with a link to your site or product - it could also be forwarded with the cartoon to thousands of potential business prospects.

This is called viral marketing and can be very cost effective and successful.

You won't be able to use copyrighted cartoons but you can ask us to originate one for you.
The beauty of having your own cartoon concept is that it can be tailored to your product or service. You might want to have caricatures created of your staff, to put on your company business cards, stationery or website to stand out and be different.

We can also create personalised greetings cards so when you want to send a Christmas or Birthday card to your clients or prospects, your card is the one that other people will want to pick up for a closer look, and remember you by.

You may want to go a step further. Just think of The Michelin Man, The Pillsbury Dough Boy and The Jolly Green Giant. These are all cartoon-like characters that help to market products and services for big corporations.

Your business could have a unique character that people will remember and be inspired by.

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