In an open plan office environment, staff are often busying around between buildings or attending meetings. Unattended workstations can help convey a positive business message to staff and visiting clients by way of an effectively produced screensaver.   Passwords should be always be enabled to protect the content of the computer.

Messages can include:
  • Reminders to turn of the computer at the end of the day
  • Notices of any events or meetings applicable to whole team
  • Good news stories from the business
  • Relevant information on the latest client so staff are up-to-speed if the client phones in

If clients might see the screen:
  • Reminders of the latest offer
  • Latest news from the business
  • Details of any awards won
  • Quotes from satisfied customers

Some businesses create screen savers for their fans or because they offer useful information.   A good way to put your brand in front of your clients.
Ideally the message is short and therefore easy to read and remember.

Please see examples in our multimedia portfolio.

• The Treloar Trust
• Lex vehicle leasing
• Kensington
• ANC Group Logistics
• Cliff Richard Organisation