static html


When we talk about a static HTML or basic site we mean one that does not change unless our programmers go in to the code for the site to change it for you.

HTML, or Hyper Text Mark-up Language, is the code used to be able to put text and images onto your computer browser screen, so it can be viewed across the world.

The advantage is that there is a lower cost to set up the site in the first place and this will particularly suit businesses and organisations that do not need to update their site very often. Examples are organisations like the
Merton and Morden Guild that only update their event listings once a year or Training in Construction who update their courses from time to time.

Expert Messaging have added content, cartoons and even new buttons to a static site but also keep their information fresh by writing a regular blog.  Google search engines note when a site was last updated as part of their relevance criteria.

Our modular system means you can start with a static site and move over to a Content Management Site (CMS) when you want to start updating the content yourself more regularly.