In today's fast-paced business arena your website is your public face and your window to the world of commerce.

It stands to reason that your online identity is truly representative of your business and any products you offer. Too often, it's easy to choose to have an overly aesthetic website which can impede your business message and confuse your audience. In the trade we call this smoke and mirrors. In addition to looking great, your website actually needs to deliver the correct business message and communicate with your target audience.

Your website is probably the most important promotional tool and sales presence you can utilise for potential new customers. It would be a shame to have a website which doesn't do what it says on the tin, as this can put off new visitors to your site, and they can miss the message completely.


Design Advantage can advise you on the best solution for creating a usable website for your business.

The mantra of usability is "don't make me think" from the book of the same name by Steve Krug. 

We love creating outstanding design and we also need to remember that the end user (your customer) usually just wants to find some information quickly, so we factor that in too.

If your website is easy to use, people will use it.

Usability needs:
• An easy to understand interface layout making it obvious where everything is.
• Easy to understand navigation so your customer knows what to do next and what is clickable.
• Engaging fresh copy. Well written concise content can help to boost your search engine rankings and keep your visitors interested.
• Sitewide search box


There are many ways you can optimise your website, one of these is to optimise your images and photographs before you upload them to your website.   
This can save you money and improve your search engine ranking (such as on Google).

Contact us to find out more if you are looking to have a new website designed and built by professionals who know what they're doing with talent, skill, diligence and experience.