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(And why you would want to pay for a website review when you already have a good website and anyway you can get a free website review down the road?)

It's a good question and if you are totally confident that you are getting targeted, qualified visitors to your website and a large percentage of your website visitors go on to purchase from you then you probably don't need a website review.  You also don't need a website reveiw if you already have more business than you can handle. 

So what about those free website reviews?

I know of a few businesses who offer a 15 minute web review that they use as a sales tool.  They only talk about the parts of your website that their product covers (and ignores the rest), they follow a preformated script (because many people have the same problems with their website) and a proportion of that call will be trying to sell you one of their products.

The other type of free website review is an automated site review where you put your domain name in a box and a PDF drops into your email with some standard words about whether you have a title tag missing or not, whether you have links to your site and other standard content that looks very similar regardless of which customers they send the document to.  They also now have your email address which they may use to market to you.

If this type of review is useful to you and if you can deal with the sales pitches then go for it, the information may be useful if you can work out what to do with it.

You mentioned something about preventing me throwing away £1000's, it sounds like a sales pitch to me.

Sure, we don't do this out of the goodness of our hearts (well actually sometimes we do, but that is a different story) so what are we talking about here?

First, to quantify the amount of money you might be throwing away, you would need to know the lifetime value of a customer.   Some businesses sell lower value items or services to lots of customers and some sell higher value products or services to fewer customers.  Whether it is one off purchases or regular repeat business you should know how much each new customer is worth to you.

But don't try to sell to everybody

Because to increase the number of people buying from you, your website should not appeal to absolutely everyone.  When people land on your website they want to feel that you are talking to them and that you understand their particular need or problem. 

Visitors will give you 5 seconds or less

The usability of the site need to be such that your visitor can find what they want straight away and they are led to the next bit of information or step that they want to take. 

Think about when you go into a shop.  Sometimes you have time to browse, sometimes you want to find what you want straight away and if it looks like a right mess you would likely turn around and find a better shop.   The ideal shop will have clear signs to where you want to go and you can clearly see how to make the purchase.  It's the same with a website.

That's where the £1000's are walking out the door.

Your visitors have a choice, they will make that choice when they arrive at the website as to whether to stay and buy or whether to move on.  Every time your site doesn't meet the needs of your visitor and they click away you are losing their lifetime value; for some businesses this can add up to £1000's very quickly.

"It was amazing what extra value they added"

"At first we were skeptical about how much value a website review could add as we had recently upgraded the Halagen site. However, we decided to get Design Advantage to carry out a review and it was amazing what extra value they added by pointing out some subtle changes to the wording, layout and content that made a lot of difference.

We provide high-level professional services to businesses and these changes also helped us redefine our messages and value propositions.

I thoroughly recommend that you get Design Advantage to do the same for you, no matter what stage you are at with web development".

Clive Newell, MD of Halagen Ltd

Clive Newell - Managing Director - Halagen Ltd
Part-time, outsourced Finance Directors and bespoke in-house financial training

Sue at Design Advantage will look at your website and feedback to you on how to convert more visitors to sales, how to improve the chances of being found on the search engines, look at whether you are specifically targeting your ideal customer, check the usability of your site and even take a look at your social media (premium option). 

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