working in high resolution


300 dpi/ppi
When we undertake any job for print, we always ask that any photographs, images, and company logos are supplied to us at high resolution (300 dpi/ppi, or higher). This saves lots of time when we create the visuals for your design.

Company colours
If you know what your company colours are then it always helps if we have a colour reference in either or all of the following modes; RGB, CMYK or Pantone colour.

Exhibition graphics
Exhibition graphics are generally designed at 50% or 25% of the final size, which can create some minor pixelation if looked at closely, but works fine from a few feet away. Occasionally we will do the design work for exhibition graphics at 100% image size, depending on how big the final file size will be after using photographic images and how much text is included in the design. Work on this size and scale is very memory intensive for any computer.